What these divers have discovered will chill you to the bone!

Year upon year, advances in diving technology is enabling divers to go further, deeper and darker than ever before into corners of the ocean that were previously inaccesible. Imagine the cumulations of civilizations, sealife, debris, and war relics that are awaiting discovery.

Good for us we can enjoy these images from the comfort of our sofa that these crazy divers have obained for us..

1. Wreck of the USS Saratoga

The USS Saratoga was one of the largest three navy carriers in the fleet during the 1950’s. It can now be found in the Pacific ocean, the Bikini Atoll to be specific. It was an almight carrier with the ability to accomodate up to an amazing 90 aircrafts.

The ship was moved to the islands after Pearl Harbour, a location where atomic weapons tests were performed post 1946.

The warship was sent to the ocean floor when the 5th A-bomb, called Baker, was launched in July of that year. This formidable warhead, comporable to that sent to Nagasaki, made access to the island impossible for at least 7 days.