3 good tips to get better with jasmine

Jasmine is a beautiful flower that has an intoxicating and quite powerful smell that rises to the head. This flower has been used for many years in the manufacture of perfumes and is increasingly used today in the medical world for its soothing and sedative properties. Jasmine is already well known for traditional and Ayurvedic medicines and is therefore perfect for calm nights and to calm changing moods. Here are three tips for you to get better with jasmine to feel more rested and zen.

1. To feel soothed

If you feel stressed and can not calm yourself, try jasmine essential oil. Take a bottle and put a few drops of this oil on a tissue and breathe. This should lower your blood pressure and soothe you in no time! Take deep breaths with the tissue under your nose and its effect will be felt throughout the day.

Keep in mind that essential oils can not be put on the skin and can not be swallowed. Also avoid if you are pregnant and for children under 8 years.


2. To sleep well

You should never go to bed feeling anxious or anxious. Always try to get rid of all this tension to get a good night’s sleep. And jasmine can bring you this appeasement that you seek before plunging into a good sleep. Avoid tea before sleeping, which will excite you and prefer an infusion after eating to help you fall asleep. If you do not finish your infusion, add a few drops of jasmine essential oil and keep your cup near your bedside table. Inhale some puffs of this mixture and you will find sleep without delay.


3. To relax

Do you suffer from back pain, body aches or tension in the muscles? Jasmine can once again be useful and help you. The jasmine flower has antispasmodic effects, which will put an end among other digestive disorders! The relaxing smell added to the benefits of a massage will get you back on your feet in no time. Mix a drop of jasmine essential oil in 50 ml of sweet almond oil and massage the painful areas that need it most. You will feel soothed and ready to face everyday life again!