Lack of sleep puts you in danger!

According to one study, the body would need 7 hours of sleep per night to function properly. There are people who do not need to sleep so much to be physically fit but that does not prevent the human body from feeling the effects of fatigue if it is deprived of long-term sleep.

In fact, if an adult sleeps less than six hours a night, he is exposed to harmful consequences for his body. The obvious symptoms then are attention disorders and lack of alertness, which can be a danger when you hit the road, as more than 30% of fatal road accidents are due to drowsy driving.

A human being would put himself in danger by only sleeping a few hours per night. Only a few individuals (1 to 3% of the population) would be resistant enough to need only 4 or 5 hours of sleep per night without feeling the consequences.

In addition to drowsiness driving, lack of sleep is detrimental to other points. When you sleep, the body goes to sleep and sleep helps regulate the satiety and storage of fat in the body. People who sleep less will be hungry the next day and will store more than others what they will eat during the day.

During sleep, we also allow our memory to consolidate and the brain to keep its shape. Our whole body needs these precious hours of sleep to function well and to be ready to face new busy days.

We now know that sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the body and that sleep deprivation, however slight, has repercussions on your health and can even be dangerous in the long term. So try as often as possible to go to bed at the correct times to be in good shape the next morning!