The 5 iconic women of Tim Burton’s films

Everyone has seen at least one film by Tim Burton and has shown his imagination overflowing with the diversity of his film characters. He has directed many feature films that have long been headlining. The heroes of Tim Burton are all more impressive than the others, and the heroines are all memorable, original and extravagant. Here are the 5 women emblematic of Tim Burton’s films.

1. Winona Ryder

She made her film “Beetlejuice” in 1988 in which she plays Lydia, a whimsical teenager, tormented and isolated from a world she hates and where she meets the foul Beetlejuice. She also starred in the movie “Edward with Money Hands” in 1990 where she still plays a teenager who develops feelings for Edward.

2. Michelle Pfeiffer

She plays the role of Catwoman, in Batman Returns in 1992, who is possessed by the minds of cats following an attempted murder on her, and behaves like one of them. she then develops an obsession for revenge and crime and intends to avenge her murderer with her new powers. She is obviously the enemy of Batman.

3. Cristina Ricci

She plays in the movie “Sleepy Hollow, The Noble Knight” in 1999 with Johnny Depp in which she plays the young and beautiful Katrina Van Tassel who pinches for the inspector. After falling under her spell, she will even help him solve his investigation with the help of his gift for witchcraft.

4. Mia Wasikowska

In the 2010 movie “Alice in Wonderland”, she plays the character of Alice, a young girl who lives a comfortable life in the Victorian era who is very intelligent and curious. It is also his curiosity that leads him to follow the white rabbit to the land of wonders where she will meet all kinds of curious characters. It will restore order and justice to the wonderland.

5. Helena Bonham Carter

This is one of Tim Burton’s big games. The actress gave voice to Emily’s character in “The Funeral Nuptials” in 2004, played the Red Queen in “Alice in Wonderland” in 2010, but the role in which she excelled was that of Mrs. Lovett in 2007, Sweeney Todd’s character cooked dead bodies and turned them into meat pies to help Todd, the barber on Fleet Street who slaughtered his razor victims, whom she was in love with.