Processed foods that ravage your health

Since the 1980s, industrial products have been invading small and large areas in France. And according to some nutrition experts, it is because of these processed products that the French would be victims of diabetes or even obesity. Despite all these years of nutrition studies, life expectancy in good health is relatively low.

First of all, we must differentiate between processed products that are harmful to health and those that are not. Do not believe that all processed foods are not good for the body. To know which food is ultra-transformed and therefore bad for health, there is nothing simpler: the longer the list of additives and ingredients (more than 5 additives), the more the product is bad for your health.

Marketing techniques are also interesting for this kind of products. The more colorful the packaging, the more it will make you want. You will often see on the packaging “Good for …”, “Enriched in …” or “sources of ….”, which may suggest that the product is good for health when in truth it is a product that has lost these nutritional values ​​during its transformation.

The daily consumption of these products therefore leads most of the time to weight gain or even a beginning of diabetes in some people. Industrial products are sources of fast sugars that are often too fat, too sweet or too salty and can sometimes lead to more serious diseases such as cancer or cardiovascular disease.

These products are low in fiber and protein, yet they are the two main components we need for a good daily food balance, which is why we must pay attention to its fake foods that tend to make less chewing due to their soft or semi-liquid substances such as yogurt drinks or sodas and snacks. Chewing is a parameter that stimulates the satiety hormone that we need!