The World’s Most Dangerous Trail For Your Travel Projects

After being surrounded by police banners for 15 years, the Caminito del Rey is again open to serious hikers. This path is at the edge of a gorge in the south of Spain, it is fascinating and its beauty has no equivalent. Here is what you need to know.

The most dangerous way in the world

The Caminito closed two seasons after its opening, five hikers having a fatal fall. Closed since 2001, it is again open with much stricter regulations. The path has been widened by 1 meter and is now supported with metal at the edge of the ravine. The new estimate of completion time for visitors is three to four hours.

The climax

The highlight of the climb is the view of a 300-meter drop from the El Chorro ravine. Since its reopening in 2015, 600,000 have walked the trail, they all survived and were able to tell their story. If you have already made the way and want to do it again, this time a helmet will be provided.

There is a place of climb that some do not have the courage to do: a glass platform where hikers can stand just above the void. Adrenaline rush guaranteed!

“When I climbed, the trail was ready to collapse anytime. Unfortunately the adventurous side of Caminito is no longer present as it has been repaired, “said professional hiker Matthew Karsten.

How to do it all safely

There are two easy ways to be safe during this climb considered the craziest in the world. Call to make a reservation the day you want to visit and pay the 10 € entrance fee. And for everyone, Google maps allows you to make the path digitally. You can now prepare in advance and know exactly what is waiting for you.

Even with renovations, you have to be an adventurer to dare to climb!