20 unlikely celebrity couples who have already existed!

On the planet people, couples are made and unmade so quickly that it is sometimes difficult to follow what is happening. While some couples of stars make us dream and make us really want to believe in the eternal love, others seem to us more surprising …

Indeed, there are couples of stars that we always find a little improbable or even poorly matched. But who are we to judge? Love does not always explain itself and has its reasons that reason does not know as they say.

Today, we offer you a review of 20 absolutely unlikely couples of stars that have existed. And we bet that you had even forgotten that these celebrities were in couples not true?

1. Madonna and Dennis Rodman, an improbable star couple from the 90’s!

You had forgotten? Madonna and San Antonio Spurs star Dennis Rodman did have an adventure that lasted a little while. Madonna would have even wanted him to have a child but it never worked.


2. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, 2004-2007

If he shares the life of Eva Mendes since 2011, Ryan Gosling has had many conquests before her. And from 2004 to 2007, the actor shared the life of actress Rachel McAdams. Moreover, she also rediscovered her life alongside 37-year-old screenwriter Jamie Linden and would even wait for her first child.