After the glory, these child stars have had unusual careers

Whether in the cinema or on television, it is not uncommon to see children become real phenomena, little stars. Indeed, some embody roles cults or even leading roles in series, sagas or movies that are successful resound. While children of their age play and go to school, they spend most of their time on film sets. It can take years.

But after, how do they manage their careers? A role started early can impact a career. Indeed, if sometimes the image of this first role sticks to the skin for years, some manage to get rid of it and start an artistic career in the long term. Others may decide to stop and return anonymously. Some may also go behind the camera.

No doubt in any case, they largely retain an excellent memory of these years of celebrity. Today, we invite you to discover the path of children stars. For some, we are willing to bet that you had even forgotten how they started as their current career seems well installed.

1. Miley Cyrus

We tend to forget it but it is thanks to Disney that we met Miley Cyrus who played the part of Hannah Montana , a normal teenager on the day who became a rock star adulated at night. Only one of her friends knew of her “double life”, which she led with astonishing ease. Indeed, she was a studious student during the day and had a career as an international star. Good. Come on, we’ll believe it, it’s the magic of the thing. In any case, it is in this series that we discovered Miley.

Today, the young woman is a recognized singer. She has talked a lot about her for some eccentricities but has a very good image with young people. In a relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth, Miley is also passionate about yoga and very committed to the animal cause. She is vegan and has adopted several rescued dogs.