The evolution of Alicia Keys’ style

Alicia Keys has been a household name in the music business for many years now with songs ranging from pop to soul. The musician is not only famous for her musical talents but also for her particular taste for fashion on red carpets. In recent years, she has also decided to no longer wear makeup! Continue reading to learn more about the changing styles of the singer.

1. 2001

Alicia has kept her super simple side that she claims in a 2001 MTV VMA strapless beige dress for one of her first public appearances on a red carpet. She looks very young in this photo and for good reason, she was just 20 years old at the time! Young and innocent, she poses very well for the camera!

2. 2001

The singer defined fashion in the early 2000s with her hat, asymmetric top, belt and elephant-leg jeans at the 2001 Billboard Music Awards where she received an award for her single “Falling”, which was number Charts for many weeks around the world.