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    The evolution of Alicia Keys’ style

    Alicia Keys has been a household name in the music business for many years now with songs ranging from pop to soul. The musician is not only famous for her musical talents but also for her particular taste for fashion on red carpets. In recent years, she has also decided to no longer wear makeup! Continue reading to learn more about the changing styles of the singer.

    1. 2001

    Alicia has kept her super simple side that she claims in a 2001 MTV VMA strapless beige dress for one of her first public appearances on a red carpet. She looks very young in this photo and for good reason, she was just 20 years old at the time! Young and innocent, she poses very well for the camera!

    2. 2001

    The singer defined fashion in the early 2000s with her hat, asymmetric top, belt and elephant-leg jeans at the 2001 Billboard Music Awards where she received an award for her single “Falling”, which was number Charts for many weeks around the world.

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    After the glory, these child stars have had unusual careers

    Whether in the cinema or on television, it is not uncommon to see children become real phenomena, little stars. Indeed, some embody roles cults or even leading roles in series, sagas or movies that are successful resound. While children of their age play and go to school, they spend most of their time on film sets. It can take years.

    But after, how do they manage their careers? A role started early can impact a career. Indeed, if sometimes the image of this first role sticks to the skin for years, some manage to get rid of it and start an artistic career in the long term. Others may decide to stop and return anonymously. Some may also go behind the camera.

    No doubt in any case, they largely retain an excellent memory of these years of celebrity. Today, we invite you to discover the path of children stars. For some, we are willing to bet that you had even forgotten how they started as their current career seems well installed.

    1. Miley Cyrus

    We tend to forget it but it is thanks to Disney that we met Miley Cyrus who played the part of Hannah Montana , a normal teenager on the day who became a rock star adulated at night. Only one of her friends knew of her “double life”, which she led with astonishing ease. Indeed, she was a studious student during the day and had a career as an international star. Good. Come on, we’ll believe it, it’s the magic of the thing. In any case, it is in this series that we discovered Miley.

    Today, the young woman is a recognized singer. She has talked a lot about her for some eccentricities but has a very good image with young people. In a relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth, Miley is also passionate about yoga and very committed to the animal cause. She is vegan and has adopted several rescued dogs.

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    What has become of the biggest stars of the 80’s / 90’s?

    Do you often wonder what has become of the biggest stars of the 80s and 90s? Have they fallen into oblivion or alcoholism? Have they ended up on straw or do they live a quiet life? Where are these celebrities? To find out, keep reading because we’ve put together a list of the biggest stars of the day and you’ll be surprised by some of these stars!


    Jean-Paul Belmondo was the idol of young people in the 1970s. He then became a great star of French cinema in the 1980s. A handsome young man at the time, he had aged well but took a beating. old in recent years. It must be said that he still celebrated his 85th birthday this year!


    After being the star of the Smallville series for about ten years, Tom Welling has even chained a few films taking advantage of his notoriety at the time. He then decided to slow down and took some time for him in recent years. He is now back on the small screen in the Lucifer series.

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    20 unlikely celebrity couples who have already existed!

    On the planet people, couples are made and unmade so quickly that it is sometimes difficult to follow what is happening. While some couples of stars make us dream and make us really want to believe in the eternal love, others seem to us more surprising …

    Indeed, there are couples of stars that we always find a little improbable or even poorly matched. But who are we to judge? Love does not always explain itself and has its reasons that reason does not know as they say.

    Today, we offer you a review of 20 absolutely unlikely couples of stars that have existed. And we bet that you had even forgotten that these celebrities were in couples not true?

    1. Madonna and Dennis Rodman, an improbable star couple from the 90’s!

    You had forgotten? Madonna and San Antonio Spurs star Dennis Rodman did have an adventure that lasted a little while. Madonna would have even wanted him to have a child but it never worked.


    2. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, 2004-2007

    If he shares the life of Eva Mendes since 2011, Ryan Gosling has had many conquests before her. And from 2004 to 2007, the actor shared the life of actress Rachel McAdams. Moreover, she also rediscovered her life alongside 37-year-old screenwriter Jamie Linden and would even wait for her first child.

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    41 private jets and yachts of celebrities. You’ll never see them take a commercial flight!

    If you’re one of the world’s most famous stars, you can afford to travel in style and comfortably. Whether in business or leisure, these stars use good money to buy yachts and personal jets, and adapt them to what they want or need, and make sure they to be seen on board. Many of them are very passionate, and want to drive their own planes, and why not, collect them too. Others prefer to be near the water and have a floating hotel built with all the latest appliances and amenities. Whatever the case, it is certain that their financial advisers will surely not jump out of joy; yachts and jets have never been an investment of choice.


    This actress, Oscar winner and philanthropist, not only holds a Cirrus SR22 aircraft, but also recently obtained her flying license. Clearly, you can not take all your family on board for a ride, but it could not be better when you have big meetings and you have to go over the famous traffic jams in Los Angeles.



    Rumor has it that following “Top Gun”, the actor has developed in him a new obsession for the world of aviation. Tom Cruise is the proud owner of a Gulfstream IV, a business-class aircraft that seats up to 19 passengers and two crew members.

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    Selena Gomez Benefits From Kidney Transplant Given By A Friend

    Selena Gomez confirmed that she received a kidney transplant with the help of her friend, actress Francia Raisa, who donated her organ. She shared a picture of her at the hospital, lying side by side with Francia and another picture of her stomach scar, and she subtitled, “I’m aware that some of my fans have noticed that I did not show much during the summer and wondered why I was not promoting my new music, which I am very proud of. ”

    Selena is recovering from her transplant

    She continued, “I realized that I needed a kidney transplant because of my lupus. It was something that I needed to do for my health. I look forward to sharing with you the adventure I have had in recent months, as I have always wanted to do. In the meantime, I want to publicly thank my family and the incredible team of doctors for everything they did for me before and after the operation. ”

    Thanking her friend who donated her kidney, she added, “And finally, there are no words to describe how grateful I am for my fantastic friend Francia Raisa. She gave me the best of gifts and sacrificed herself by giving me her kidney. I am incredibly lucky. I love you so much. Lupus is always a little understood and progress is always made. She added a link to the Research Alliance for Lupus. Selena’s fans were quick to offer their support, one wrote: “Omg she’s too strong! Thank you Francia. I love you Selena, “another added,” I’m so proud of you. Pull yourself quickly. Keep on being strong, I love you so much my Queen! “

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    The World’s Most Dangerous Trail For Your Travel Projects

    After being surrounded by police banners for 15 years, the Caminito del Rey is again open to serious hikers. This path is at the edge of a gorge in the south of Spain, it is fascinating and its beauty has no equivalent. Here is what you need to know.

    The most dangerous way in the world

    The Caminito closed two seasons after its opening, five hikers having a fatal fall. Closed since 2001, it is again open with much stricter regulations. The path has been widened by 1 meter and is now supported with metal at the edge of the ravine. The new estimate of completion time for visitors is three to four hours.

    The climax

    The highlight of the climb is the view of a 300-meter drop from the El Chorro ravine. Since its reopening in 2015, 600,000 have walked the trail, they all survived and were able to tell their story. If you have already made the way and want to do it again, this time a helmet will be provided.

    There is a place of climb that some do not have the courage to do: a glass platform where hikers can stand just above the void. Adrenaline rush guaranteed!

    “When I climbed, the trail was ready to collapse anytime. Unfortunately the adventurous side of Caminito is no longer present as it has been repaired, “said professional hiker Matthew Karsten.

    How to do it all safely

    There are two easy ways to be safe during this climb considered the craziest in the world. Call to make a reservation the day you want to visit and pay the 10 € entrance fee. And for everyone, Google maps allows you to make the path digitally. You can now prepare in advance and know exactly what is waiting for you.

    Even with renovations, you have to be an adventurer to dare to climb!

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    Processed foods that ravage your health

    Since the 1980s, industrial products have been invading small and large areas in France. And according to some nutrition experts, it is because of these processed products that the French would be victims of diabetes or even obesity. Despite all these years of nutrition studies, life expectancy in good health is relatively low.

    First of all, we must differentiate between processed products that are harmful to health and those that are not. Do not believe that all processed foods are not good for the body. To know which food is ultra-transformed and therefore bad for health, there is nothing simpler: the longer the list of additives and ingredients (more than 5 additives), the more the product is bad for your health.

    Marketing techniques are also interesting for this kind of products. The more colorful the packaging, the more it will make you want. You will often see on the packaging “Good for …”, “Enriched in …” or “sources of ….”, which may suggest that the product is good for health when in truth it is a product that has lost these nutritional values ​​during its transformation.

    The daily consumption of these products therefore leads most of the time to weight gain or even a beginning of diabetes in some people. Industrial products are sources of fast sugars that are often too fat, too sweet or too salty and can sometimes lead to more serious diseases such as cancer or cardiovascular disease.

    These products are low in fiber and protein, yet they are the two main components we need for a good daily food balance, which is why we must pay attention to its fake foods that tend to make less chewing due to their soft or semi-liquid substances such as yogurt drinks or sodas and snacks. Chewing is a parameter that stimulates the satiety hormone that we need!

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    The 5 iconic women of Tim Burton’s films

    Everyone has seen at least one film by Tim Burton and has shown his imagination overflowing with the diversity of his film characters. He has directed many feature films that have long been headlining. The heroes of Tim Burton are all more impressive than the others, and the heroines are all memorable, original and extravagant. Here are the 5 women emblematic of Tim Burton’s films.

    1. Winona Ryder

    She made her film “Beetlejuice” in 1988 in which she plays Lydia, a whimsical teenager, tormented and isolated from a world she hates and where she meets the foul Beetlejuice. She also starred in the movie “Edward with Money Hands” in 1990 where she still plays a teenager who develops feelings for Edward.

    2. Michelle Pfeiffer

    She plays the role of Catwoman, in Batman Returns in 1992, who is possessed by the minds of cats following an attempted murder on her, and behaves like one of them. she then develops an obsession for revenge and crime and intends to avenge her murderer with her new powers. She is obviously the enemy of Batman.

    3. Cristina Ricci

    She plays in the movie “Sleepy Hollow, The Noble Knight” in 1999 with Johnny Depp in which she plays the young and beautiful Katrina Van Tassel who pinches for the inspector. After falling under her spell, she will even help him solve his investigation with the help of his gift for witchcraft.

    4. Mia Wasikowska

    In the 2010 movie “Alice in Wonderland”, she plays the character of Alice, a young girl who lives a comfortable life in the Victorian era who is very intelligent and curious. It is also his curiosity that leads him to follow the white rabbit to the land of wonders where she will meet all kinds of curious characters. It will restore order and justice to the wonderland.

    5. Helena Bonham Carter

    This is one of Tim Burton’s big games. The actress gave voice to Emily’s character in “The Funeral Nuptials” in 2004, played the Red Queen in “Alice in Wonderland” in 2010, but the role in which she excelled was that of Mrs. Lovett in 2007, Sweeney Todd’s character cooked dead bodies and turned them into meat pies to help Todd, the barber on Fleet Street who slaughtered his razor victims, whom she was in love with.

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    Lack of sleep puts you in danger!

    According to one study, the body would need 7 hours of sleep per night to function properly. There are people who do not need to sleep so much to be physically fit but that does not prevent the human body from feeling the effects of fatigue if it is deprived of long-term sleep.

    In fact, if an adult sleeps less than six hours a night, he is exposed to harmful consequences for his body. The obvious symptoms then are attention disorders and lack of alertness, which can be a danger when you hit the road, as more than 30% of fatal road accidents are due to drowsy driving.

    A human being would put himself in danger by only sleeping a few hours per night. Only a few individuals (1 to 3% of the population) would be resistant enough to need only 4 or 5 hours of sleep per night without feeling the consequences.

    In addition to drowsiness driving, lack of sleep is detrimental to other points. When you sleep, the body goes to sleep and sleep helps regulate the satiety and storage of fat in the body. People who sleep less will be hungry the next day and will store more than others what they will eat during the day.

    During sleep, we also allow our memory to consolidate and the brain to keep its shape. Our whole body needs these precious hours of sleep to function well and to be ready to face new busy days.

    We now know that sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the body and that sleep deprivation, however slight, has repercussions on your health and can even be dangerous in the long term. So try as often as possible to go to bed at the correct times to be in good shape the next morning!

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    Scientific facts that you thought were true but not at all!

    We often ask ourselves questions about life, we want to know if what we see in films is true or if the scientific facts that we learn in school are also true. You never really know the truth about everything on Earth and even in Space. That’s why we decided to come back to some scientific facts that you thought were true but not at all! Here are the biggest scientific misunderstandings that cover many areas and make you think about what you think you know.

    1. The states of matter

    Well no, there are not three states of matter but four. And since all these years, we think of the three principal states which are: liquid, solid, gaseous. We have repeated it enough at school! But then what is this fourth state? Plasma state, which we do not speak often because its conditions of appearance are not adapted to the Earth’s climate even if you have surely already witnessed: lightning during storms. This is probably the only time you will witness the plasma state on Earth. But it exists !

    2. The other planets

    No, Mercury is not the hottest planet in the solar system even if it stays closest to the sun. Venus, however, with its 432 ° C, is by far the planet where it is the hottest. As for the rings of Saturn, they are not rigid but rather composed of ice and dust particle that extend several meters long!

    3. The age of dogs

    It is common to believe that a human year equals seven years for dogs. And yet it is not the case. Dogs grow faster in the first two years of life and then growth slows down. It all depends on the breed of dog you choose. For some dog breeds, a human year equals 14 years for the dog!

    4. The silent weapons

    You’ve probably watched a lot of movies in which silent guns did not make a noise. And yet, even if their names suggest that we will not hear the slightest shot, they are still very noisy. Indeed, the silencers are as noisy as police sirens! They are however 100 times less noisy than a standard firearm …

    5. Tires against lightning

    Again, do you think that it’s the tires that protect you from lightning when there’s a storm and you’re stuck in your car? And yet it is not the tires of your vehicle that protect you from an electrocution but it is the metal body of the car that lets electricity through and the return to the ground.

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